Translation and linguistic engineering services

Our Objective: Your Satisfaction

Each project is processed in accordance with a stringent quality assurance policy. The procedure guarantees translations that are accurate, fast, reliable and in line with your needs, whatever the length and complexity of your documents. A software program developed in-house allows us to select the best available contractor immediately to meet all the specific requirements of your project in terms of media, lead times, languages, specialist areas, etc.

Our Quality Management System (QMS)

Our QMS is based on seven interlinked processes designed to increase customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we base our work on fast reaction times, rigorous quality checking and monitoring, and the development of a partnership approach.

STT provides its translation services in line with the procedure presented above, stemming directly from the ISO 17100 standard whose goal is to define the requirements relative to a quality translation service by translation service providers.


All the components of a project are evaluated and the results are entered in our project management software. Such evaluations (technical, linguistic, terminological and typographic quality, compliance with instructions, compliance with lead times etc.) increase the efficiency of the contractor selection process. The data has been stored and augmented since 1997 and is used by PMs to tailor our responses in line with the specific requirements of each of your projects.


After our latest follow-up audit on 07/04/2023, TÜVRheinland confirmed that our Quality Management System complied with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for "Translation and Linguistic Engineering".

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