Security and Confidentiality

We make every effort to ensure the security and preserve the confidentiality of your information.

  • Access to our premises is controlled and secure.
  • A strict confidentiality clause applies to all the company’s salaried staff as well as all contractors.
  • All hard copies are shredded before being eliminated.
  • Access to the data stored on our network is managed by a system of authorisations and passwords.
  • Back-ups stored off our premises are made on hard drives encrypted with BitLocker.
  • If necessary, emails can be systematically encrypted before sending or receiving.
  • As a Microsoft® partner, STT hosts its own servers and email domain to eliminate the disadvantages of breakdowns in Internet service provider (ISP) systems and all data exchanges with the exterior pass through a local Proxy server. Antivirus protection for files exchanged with external contacts is provided by an antivirus installed on the Proxy server and an antivirus suite updated every hour is installed on each of our servers and workstations.
  • Our FTP server is equipped with Active Directory isolation. With a secure space reserved for you personally, this server enables fast, safe data exchanges and ensures that you always have your documents at the agreed time.
  • Two separate lines and two different suppliers ensure the redundancy of our Internet accesses.
  • Two in-house IT technicians install and maintain our equipment and software. They also run programs to secure and store data as well as undertaking development tasks and providing a client hotline.
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